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Seasoned Attorneys with the Knowledge You Need

Our attorneys have more than eight decades of combined experience defending a diversity of high-profile commercial entities in court.

A New Breed of Law Firm

Not content with the status quo, trial lawyers Stephen Pelletier and Virginia Price recently left the constrained environment of “Big Law” to form Price Pelletier, LLP, a more modern firm with a flexible approach to the practice of law.

Merging the latest in technology and legal systems with decades of trial experience, the end result is a more adept and nimbler firm – unencumbered by bureaucracy and red tape – delivering powerful, personalized services.

With experience in virtually every California jurisdiction – from San Diego to San Bernardino to Los Angeles to Sonoma – Price Pelletier is a collective of smart, dedicated trial lawyers who share a fierce commitment to justice and an unwavering passion to defend our clients.

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At Price Pelletier we believe in solutions.

We listen, we strategize and we collaborate with our clients to resolve critical legal issues.

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your legal needs.